I am an Artist born in Paris.

My core values are Authenticity, Empathy and of course Creativity.

I love travelling around the world in real life and in my Mind.

I hope to make you travel and dream through my vision of Art and my drawings.

The Artists I adore the most are Marcel Duchamp, father of conceptual art, Kandinsky and his spiritual vision of Art, the highly inventive graphic designer Milton Glaser, and the genius David Hockney.

In each human being stands an « AWP » (ArtWorshiPer) who needs and seeks to be revealed.

We belong to the AWP’s community, the ArtWorshiPers who worship in Art the revelation of the spiritual presence in most works of art.

Art worshipers seek through Art the spiritual part of their inner self.

This spiritual part becomes fundamental and preponderant and needs to be fed with everyday magnificent works of art.

In my drawings, my hand is undoubtedly guided by this spiritual part of myself, since I worship God in my everyday life.

Each AWP seeks to enter the Artist’s soul and works.

And Art becomes essential to us « AWP », as water is essential to Life.

Claire Dang Tran

Drawing style

China ink

Drawing style



Drawing style

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